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Invest with Private Sanctuary in Kapal Oasis for exceptional returns. Your investment will be used for the project development starting from
​US$ 38,000. We will discuss with you the benefits of the options available.

Expected return of ~17% cashflow ROI
Expected 3-5x land value increase in 5 years

For more details on investing at Kapal Oasis by Private Sanctuary please do not hesitate to​ contact us.

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Kapal Oasis villas blend into the relaxed, quiet surroundings of the Kapal Oasis valley for guests to unwind and destress.

The use of iron wood makes for a warm and comfortable living environment.


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2022.29.03 update:

The construction in 
Kapal Oasis is making good progress. The first villas are in the finishing process and we are looking to complete them in April 2022.

We started the construction on several other villas were we were able to complete the pools and started with the finishing process

The ironwood framing for the first villas are coming along well on Bali, where we work together with one of Balis's finest and most experienced carpenters who's family has over 200 years experience in this type of build.

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