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About Lombok, Indonesia

Located to the east of Bali, Indonesia, Lombok Island is easily accessible by air or sea, and is renowned as one of the country's most popular tourist destinations, attracting travelers from all over the world.

The island boasts pristine, untouched beaches, a towering volcano - Mount Rinjani, and a diverse range of landscapes and scenery. Lombok offers a complete escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The inaugural races of the MotoGP and WSBK on the Mandalika Racecourse drew over 100,000 spectators, catapulting tourism on the island to new heights.

Lombok Island is undoubtedly one of Indonesia's top holiday destinations, boasting a wealth of natural beauty and cultural experiences that leave an indelible mark on visitors.

Lombok I Location
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The International Airport opened in Lombok in October 2011 and is conveniently located and has been extended in 2021 to accomodate up to 7.5 Million tourists per year. 

There are over 10 daily flights from Bali, which is easily accessible from the Middle East and all over Asia. The Indonesian government plans to make Lombok the main hub for travel in the region, currently expanding the aprons, building a second terminal building and planning a second runway.

In 2019 AirAsia named Lombok its new regional hub for Indonesia and commenced direct international flights to Perth in addition to existing flights to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, as well as many local airports in Indonesia.

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Lombok I Location

Lombok is the well-hidden gem of the Indonesian archipelago situated just 32km East of Bali.

The island has a rich cultural background and is home to a mix of verdant tropical backdrops, high volcanic mountains, fine white sand beaches with crystal clear  water and some of the world’s finest surf breaks and diving spots.

Kapal Oasis is located on the Lombok Riviera in Selong Belanak, home to one of the world’s best beaches. Your home will only be a few minutes walk from this beach in a lush coconut tree lined development. Kapal Oasis can be reached by car from the Lombok International airport within a 30 minute drive.

To discover the magic of Lombok click here.

Location I News
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The Lombok Guide: 

“Affordable land prices almost 1/10th of Bali” 

Antara News (04-2017):  

“Vinci Construction backed by French government to invest USD 500 MIO to build 7 Hotels and GP circuit by 2021” 


“Indonesia ranked under top 5 best countries to invest in 2022” 

Antara News (04-2017): 

“Vinci Construction backed by French government to invest USD 500 MIO to build 7 Hotels and GP circuit by 2021” 

Jakarta Post (3-2022):

”The MotoGP event on the brand new Mandalika Circuit was a full success and attracted more than 100,000 spectators” 

The Lombok Guide: 

In the past 7 years, arrivals of tourists on Lombok have increased by over 350% up to 3.706.352 tourists in 2019 

Antara News (2020):  

"The first 5-star hotel construction and set to operations in August 2022 and will be operated by the Pullman Group" 

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Selong Belanak I Location

Selong Belanak is the millionaires bay on Lombok and its main beach continually places under the top 3 beaches in Asia and top 10 beaches in the World. The beach features surf lesson shops and small restaurants as well as the renowned Laut Biru Café. Due to its white sand and no reef it is ideal for long morning walks, learning to surf or just relaxing in paradise.

Kapal Oasis is only a stone throw from the beach. It is nestled in a valley of coconut trees with quiet natural surroundings. In the Jabon Hills surrounding Selong Belanak Bay are some of the most prestigious developments on Lombok, that offer further amenities in the area, such as Coconut Creek and Selong Selo.

The Lombok International Airport is only 30 minutes away and the other amazing bays of the south are all within 5-30 minutes drive including the government backed The Mandalika project. 

Lombok Culture
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